Customised Solutions
Developement of customised applications for solving your specific acquisition, analysis, and monotoring requirements

We can develop customised solutions for exactly satisfing your needs.
If  you have specific requirements for which standard general purpouse software does not provide an adequate solution, or if you would like to have a slimm and agile platform that perform only the required tasks without forcing you to pay for features that you will never use, then contact us for a customised solutions.
We have a quite broad experience in this field, covering vibration monitoring of gas turbine plants, data acquisition for acoustic nearfield holography, normal mode analysis for large aeronautical structures, impact test, and many other specific applications.
We can accomodate any hardware board or frontend that provide a PC interface and we have already experience with National Instruments, BK Pulse, OROS, Scadas III.

Signal Kernel libraries Our application are built on the top of a series of robust and well tested proprietary libraries that perform common tasks such as data visualization, data manipulation (FFT, interpolation, order tracking, ...), database storage and data export.
We can therefore focus development exactly on your specific requirements since the required background is already in place, and so we can provide a solution in short times and for a cost that you would not expect.

Some of the past developed applications are:

AVAM Rotor: Acquisition of syncronous data for wind tunnel rotor aerodynamic tests. The system acquires syncronos throughput data for rotor motion, rotor balance forces and strains, blade aerodynamic pressure and internal strain, up to 128 high frequency and 48 low frequency channel.

Hardware: BUSTEC, National Instruments. 
Customer: AGUSTA

VModal Data Acquisition and analysis for normal mode tests of large aeronautical structures.

Hardware: OROS.
Customer: ALENIA

TVA: Remote Vibration monitoring of gas turbine plants. The system acquire and monitor several vibration data, and auxiliary data from complementary sources such as serial ports and auxiliary acquisition devices, and perform real time order tracking analysis. Storage of data on database on events and thresold. Full Remote control and visualization capabilities.

Hardware: National Instruments and SCADASIII.
Customer: ANSALDO Energia

WinEPNL: Data acquisition and Analysis for Helicopter external noise acoustic certification.

Hardware: BK Pulse.
Customer: AGUSTA

AVAM CRF: Data acquisition for nearfield acoustic Holography. Throughput acquisition in acoustic band of up to 150 channels.

Hardware: National Instruments.
Customer: CRF